Tom John Flynn

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“I did not choose to do this. Spirit chose me.”

People have always wondered.  What happens after we die? What can we learn from mediums like Tom, here on earth?

Every day Tom receives new messages, experiences and stories shared by souls who now understand more fully what truly mattered in their lives. Their messages are for him to give to you, so that you may fully live your life here on earth, and to find peace with those who have gone on. Because, really – they’re still here.

One of Tom’s most recent online guest appearances, courtesy of Angelscapes with Nancy and Mary, September 14, 2021:

About Tom

“Tom Flynn is truly an amazing and gifted psychic, medium and healer. I have known him for ten years and have witnessed his incredible abilities first ahand and I must say he gave me one of the best readings I have ever had.” David M Baker, psychic, medium, author and radio host, San Francisco, CA, USA.

“As a child, I suffered from epilepsy and am convinced my father’s extraordinary healing helped me to never experience those heavy grand mal seizures again. I still have my moments, but not so severe as when I was young. The gifts from my family have truly led me to a full life of helping others.”

Every Day is a New Day for All of Us

“I’m just an ordinary guy who’s been guided in the right place to be. I don’t know how it’s all happened, but it started in my family. It started when I was a child. I began to realize the strength of my mediumship in my twenties and every day astounds me. Still.

“When I stand up, I feel, I sense the spirit of healing, like a love vibration running right through me. Sometimes I see red, or blue, healing colors and I can sense someone needs a bit of healing. I really feel I’m a channel of love.

“I’m fortunate. People have written lovely things about me and how I’ve helped them. I’m fortunate to have links around the world, in the USA, in Ireland and in my UK home. My only determination is in love, heart and soul.

“It’s spirit. I just let it flow while I plod along.”

Spiritualist Tom John Flynn knows how to lift the spirits. For decades, he’s been communicating with and passing along messages from those who’ve passed over to those left behind. “Some people get very emotional when their loved ones who’ve passed on reach out to them. I’m trying to demonstrate that there is something for us to grasp. There is an after-world.”

Tom’s interview begins at 1:51 minutes… with David Baker, San Francisco USA, 2013

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Please contact us to receive information about Tom’s upcoming appearances. Currently residing on the English coast, Tom loves to travel and he wants to visit you. If you’d like Tom to come to your home town, please let us know.

“I’m really looking for more people, living people, here on earth, that I can help. That’s my goal. Let me help you.”

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