Tom’s Archival Stories and Testimonials through the decades…up to now!

June 2021:

Thank you for your kind words, Shirley Birks.

Message: Tom has served our church at Hinton Roaf, Uxbridge via zoom with healing, mediumship and also working with a psychic artist. Each time people were shocked and elated by the information that he gave, amazing evidence. People also physically felt the effects of his healing which continued long after he finished working.
He also does all of this while working amazingly quickly. If you get a chance to see Tom you will not be disappointed.

Here you can view clippings that Tom has kept in a box for years and years. Combined with these old clippings, and the new testimonials we collect currently, Tom has not lost his touch. He continues to amaze us with his mediumship messages and his healing.

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