Lisa Power

I had a reading from you many years ago in Cork City. I walked into the room and you said, “Well, you are either a surgeon, or a hairdresser.”  I asked why you would say that and you responded, “There’s a big scissors following you into the room!”  LOL. I am a hairdresser.  You hadn’t evenContinue reading “Lisa Power”

Lauren Ottonello-Galea

We had a wonderful 2 days with Tom this last June. He did readings straight for two days. Everyone was thrilled with their readings. I have always enjoyed my readings with Tom. He is right on. One gentleman said Tom gave him his best reading yet!

Sylvia Cooper

Two years after losing her husband, Sylvia felt like life had no purpose. She remembered that time like this: I muddled along as I knew death was not the end. I had to keep going if only to help my husband’s transition. My father had been taking me to a Spiritualist church ever since IContinue reading “Sylvia Cooper”