Janet Garland

It was in March the year that Janet Garland was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia, resulting in chronic laryngitis and loss of her voice. She was referred to an ear, nose and throat expert who recommended a biopsy of her left vocal chord which showed abnormal cells.

Janet remembers:

“As you can imagine, I was extremely upset by this news and was leery of going under general anesthetic. The doctor said the problem would not go away with time. I still dragged my feet.

I contacted Tom one night when I was feeling particularly depressed, telling him of my problems and asking for absent healing, which he willingly agreed to do. Three days later my voice was back to normal and I’ve had no reoccurrence of the laryngitis.

I later returned to the ENT, telling the doc that my throat was now healed. I had the most difficult time persuading him to perform a laryngoscopy under local anesthetic to confirm my opinion. Eventually the test was done, there were no abnormal cells detected and I went home without further surgical intervention.

This certainly proved to me that absent healing really does work. Thank you, Tom, for your help in a very traumatic time.

Janet Garland