Karen Zeppa

Californian Karen Zeppa met Tom through a mutual friend. She’d lost her 52-year old brother, a former police officer, in a terrible accident. Karen admitted his death was the worst pain she’d ever suffered. I was beside myself with grief. I could barely work and found myself breaking down so many times I thought IContinue reading “Karen Zeppa”

Ms. L. Snowball

Evidence of Survival from Tom Flynn A short while ago, I felt the urge to contact a medium and felt drawn to Tom, who at the time, resided in Derbyshire. I called and scheduled my telephone reading appointment and waited nervously to see which of my loved ones would communicate. When Tom answered the phone,Continue reading “Ms. L. Snowball”

Pamela Leigh

All too often I have listened to mediums at various venues who were vague, and in some cases, totally off the mark. Each time, I put it down to a learning experience. When I first met Tom, I was in my mid-20’s. The reading went like this: Tom said as I walked in that heContinue reading “Pamela Leigh”