Karen Zeppa

Californian Karen Zeppa met Tom through a mutual friend. She’d lost her 52-year old brother, a former police officer, in a terrible accident. Karen admitted his death was the worst pain she’d ever suffered.

I was beside myself with grief. I could barely work and found myself breaking down so many times I thought I couldn’t get on with life. I’ve always believed that souls do survive death, and that they do communicate with their loved ones. But I’d never had that experience first-hand.

It was a few years after Steve’s death that a friend recommended Tom, who was visiting in a nearby town. She knew about Steve’s death, and she knew I was devastated, but I’d honestly never really shared all the accident details with her. 

I was trying to get up the courage to contact Tom, but I was really nervous about getting a reading from a medium. One day I opened the Bible and my finger landed on Corinthians 13: he who has the gift of spirit and prophecy is nothing if not charitable.

I called Tom. I’m so glad I did. He’s such a joyful person and my fears disappeared in an instant. Not one of those spooky mediums you see in movies and imagine the worst.

Tom started the reading. He told me I was surrounded by a green aura. He told me I was a healer, and I am. There is a man here, he said, and he has something to do with the June, the month of June. Does that mean something to you?

My brother’s birthday is in June, I replied, but not telling Tom that my brother was dead.

Then Tom says, he was an emotional man, a very emotional man, he’s showing me he was grieving, and he’s showing me a picture of a large tractor…it seems to be skidding off the side of a road, in the country somewhere.

Oh my God, I thought, feeling faint and wonderstruck, feeling the blood rush out of my face. Oh my God.

Tom was telling me the details of the accident, but said not to worry about Steve, he left his body really fast, and he didn’t suffer. He even told me what had happened the last time I saw my brother the last time in the hospital, repeating what I’d said to Steve word for word, “I’ll always have you in my heart, it’s okay to go home, I love you”, I’d said. Those were the exact words I’d used.

Then Tom told me that Steve was kissing me on the right side of my cheek, exactly what I’d done after telling my brother good bye.

I was blown away by how accurate Tom was, and the tears flowed as if floodgates had opened. I felt, finally, that my brother was in a good place, and at peace.

Steve would have liked Tom. My brother could sense the presence of spirits he encountered near the bodies he encountered on his job as a police officer, and he knew there was something out there, something we don’t all understand.

That first meeting with Tom has led to a life-long friendship and I recommend him over and over again for people who are interested in his work. Of course, I am discrete, because some people would think I was crazy.

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Karen, her dog Woody (now passed on) and Tom at the Pacific Ocean

One time when Tom was in town, I invited him along to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday party. I’d told Dad that my medium friend was coming to the party and might give a reading. Later on while I was fixing something to eat at Dad’s Tom jumped up and started pacing the house.

He’s not going to let me finish my bloody lunch. Haha. I’ve got Steve here with me, Al, he told my dad. Were you up all night because you regretted not spending more time with him when he was a child?

Tears in his head, Dad fessed up to Tom, and me. I was always playing sports; I’m afraid I was really selfish with my time.

Tom told Dad to stop that. You bonded over sports when you were both adults. And again, Tom was spot on. You need to lay that to rest. He’s right here giving you a big birthday hug and he’ll be here for your birthday party!

Dad of course, was in tears, and it was an incredible healing experience for him.

Ms. L. Snowball

Evidence of Survival from Tom Flynn

A short while ago, I felt the urge to contact a medium and felt drawn to Tom, who at the time, resided in Derbyshire. I called and scheduled my telephone reading appointment and waited nervously to see which of my loved ones would communicate.

When Tom answered the phone, he informed me I was bathed in a beautiful blue light, meaning I needed some healing, saying my back was troubling me. How right he was – a long standing back problem of many moons.

“Sit comfortably,” he said, “and my spirit healer will work to ease the problem.”

Whilst my back was receiving attention, Mr. Flynn proceeded to say he had a gentleman beside him of medium height, quite well built, but not fat, with brown hair and blue eyes, who wished to communicate with me. I knew without doubt this was my very dear partner and friend Jerry who had passed to spirit almost four years earlier.

Mr. Flynn said this gentleman was talking fast and getting excited saying he was often with me, mentioning the day before he followed me into the kitchen whilst I decided which milk jug to open. He confirmed through Tom that I suffer from the cold, and he talked about the watch he had bought me; and recalled two members of my family – George and Mary.

He then proceeded to say that at 2:30 to 2:45 pm that very afternoon I had entered my garden and he’d enjoyed the walk around with me. He even goes to the shops sometimes with me, resting in an armchair by the window upon returning home.

The most profound things he mentioned were to do with our last holiday together. He talked about when we’d been in Spain and how tanned be had become. Tom’s reading was wonderful and so accurate. Then Tom told of a birthday very near, which was mine, two days later.

He then went into details of our last day in the beautiful National Park of Northumberland, the walk to the lake amongst his treasured trees and the lovely drive home.

Jerry’d remembered it all, and Tom was able to tell me everything on Jerry’s mind, even when he apologized for not having time to say goodbye; he died of a sudden heart attack.

All in all, my time spent talking with Mr. Flynn was a mind blowing experience as well as a very treasured one.

Ms. L Snowball

Newcastle on Tyne

Pamela Leigh

All too often I have listened to mediums at various venues who were vague, and in some cases, totally off the mark. Each time, I put it down to a learning experience.

When I first met Tom, I was in my mid-20’s. The reading went like this:

Tom said as I walked in that he would simply state whatever he saw or was told.

“Your father is here with us and he wants to talk to his baby and reassure you of his continued presence in your daily life.

I tried to contain my excitement as I thought to myself, lucky guess. However, my father is beyond the veil, I am the youngest of four children and he did call me his baby.

Tom went on to describe my father to a T, a tall broad man, exactly right.

Your dad had a brain tumor (yes), but in the final days he had difficulty breathing (yes). His passing was easy though. He lay in his bed on his back with all his children and grandchildren in the house and closed his eyes. Precisely.

Tom asked me if my dad had been a healer. Why? I asked him.

“He is standing behind you with his hands over your head,”

As a child I often suffered from epilepsy and received spiritual healing from a young age. My father had been a powerful healer. The reading just got better.

Tom asked why I had a preference for a baby boy. I laughed, being a couple of months pregnant, a condition hardly obvious considering the big coat I was wearing. And I would prefer a boy.

Tom went on to tell me that I drove too fast to reach him. I had indeed driven like a lunatic on a wet, unfamiliar road to get to Enfield, a place I’d never visited before this day.

He then mentioned our family holiday to the Caribbean. We’d just returned six weeks prior. He discussed financial matters that only my husband and I had recently been contemplating. The accuracy extended to the option of renting out one house and perhaps the purchase of another. Tom drew an analogy with my father’s business ventures as a shop owner. True enough, he’d owned shops for a good part of 35 years.

Tom asked if my husband would be anxious about me traveling alone at night. He also enquired if my husband sorted out the problems with is car, the door at work and something concerning “John.” I had no idea what any of this meant.

When I returned home, I asked my husband about the door and he just looked at me and laughed. There had been a burglary at work and the door had in fact been damaged. The insurance company was giving him a really hard time about replacing it and the person involved with the negotiations was named John. My husband’s car had a flat battery the next morning and refused to start.

I could go on and on detailing this reading which shows with incredible accuracy the true evidence of Survival.

At the end of it all, my father, who gave me so much guidance, inspiration, love and affection was back in my life. He’d probably never really left. All that was needed was the gift of a natural medium to connect us together again.

Pamela Leigh

South Africa