Sylvia Cooper

Two years after losing her husband, Sylvia felt like life had no purpose. She remembered that time like this:

I muddled along as I knew death was not the end. I had to keep going if only to help my husband’s transition.

My father had been taking me to a Spiritualist church ever since I was a child, so I had no doubt about life in spirit, and I really needed to hear from my husband.

I received a card from my father with just a name and phone number. Tom Flynn at…

Why not? I thought.

I had a sitting with Tom at the end of that month. My mother, who’d passed 28 years earlier, immediately came forward and she brought my husband with her! Details of their deaths came through from Tom. It was an emotional time, but the accuracy of memories and details that followed was incredible.

Tom described the pictures hung where I was sitting. At the time I was in turmoil about going on a holiday and to see a concert. Tom saw the tickets already waiting for me. He knew of birthdays and where I was going, when I’d been shopping and what I’d bought, and even presented me with a perfect description of the shop.

He talked of a photograph or my wedding anniversary which meant a lot to me – taken on our silver anniversary. Tom also felt that my husband wanted me to get back to a Spiritualist church and sit in a developing circle.

Over additional sittings, so many more details emerged. It was like booking an international call to the spirit world, particularly as the sittings I had with Tom were by telephone!

So much happened after these first readings with Tom. I went back to attending a Spiritualist church. I sit in a circle and am now a healer. I have a purpose in life again. Tom visited our church and it was then I was able to thank him in person for his understanding, his compassion and his caring.

Thank you to everyone wo uses their God given gift of mediumship to help others. May God be with you, Tom.

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